Press Releases

Press Releases

LANDMARK Launches New Brand Campaign

Featuring Heritage of LANDMARK’s 4 Buildings;

3 Generations of Memories;

9 Michelin Stars & 20 Bespoke Craftsmen

Hong Kong, 2nd October, 2013 – LANDMARK is launching a major new brand campaign, a new initiative that reinforces the powerful luxury retail brand’s rich diversity of offerings and experiences across 4 iconic shopping destinations in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.

The campaign is set to calibrate both existing and new LANDMARK shoppers to LANDMARK’s luxury retail proposition of heritage, prestige and sophistication – 208 fine stores and restaurants across retail sector of Hongkong Land’s Central portfolio including 4 iconic buildings, LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S.

The campaign plays around with numbers, providing a creative way of showing LANDMARK’s attributes in a simple elegant way:

    • 4 Buildings 1 Name A setting in the heart of the city since 1904; a curation of the world’s exclusive brands. All part of 208 fine stores and restaurants in the 4 buildings that go by 1 name, LANDMARK.
    • 3 Generations 1 Name - Highlighting remembrance across 3 generations of Hong Kong shoppers. Generations of mothers and daughters sharing moments and making memories.  All part of 208 fine stores and restaurants in the 4 buildings that go by 1 name, LANDMARK.
    • 9 Michelin Stars 1 Name – Highlighting LANDMARK as the destination of choice for the finest dining experiences in Hong Kong, including 4 chefs with a combined 9 Michelin Stars. Aromas, flavours, cuisines; lunches, high teas and dinners. All part of the gourmet delights that go by 1 name, LANDMARK.
    • 20 Craftsmen 1 Name - Reflecting LANDMARK as a retail destination for bespoke craftsmanship.  Immaculate suits and accessories of the finest quality, made-to-measure fittings with the highest attention to detail. All part of 208 fine stores and restaurants in the 4 buildings that go by 1 name, LANDMARK.

“The essence of the new campaign is not only to reinforce LANDMARK’s proposition as a retail destination of heritage, prestige and sophistication, but also bring out Hong Kong shoppers’ memories of luxury shopping and aesthetic lifestyle experiences which stand above all others since 1904,” said Mr. Raymond Chow, Executive Director of Hongkong Land.

“LANDMARK is all about premium luxury retail in a premier location, bringing in the top-tier international luxury brands, together with the profession management to establish a long standing relationship with these renowned brands.”

LANDMARK has also initiated a campaign of customer engagement through curated experiences for discerning customers looking for exclusive retail products, experiences and personalised services within LANDMARK, a home to around 30 flagship stores of top-tier luxury brands and close to 60 shops totally unique to Hong Kong.  These are designed to reflect the sophisticated attitude and state-of-mind of Hong Kong’s prestigious international retail destination reflective of a European shopping experience with luxury flagship stores lined throughout the street.

These experiences range from unique events; to seasonal retail stores and special collections in conjunction with illustrious international brands; to the curation of expertise in fashion, lifestyle, food & beverage and arts.  This aggregation of experiences, expertise and people is helping to creatively engage LANDMARK with the luxury & lifestyle consumer.

The campaign covers outdoor, print, and digital channels, together with a comprehensive online presence, including the LANDMARK web site at; official Facebook at; Sina Weibo account at; and recently launched Instagram channel, curated by Tina Leung, at or search ‘landmarkhk’.


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