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  1. LANDMARK EXCLUSIVES Inspired by Nature Featuring Over 40 Exclusive Items for April

    Hong Kong, 11 th March 2016 – This April, LANDMARK presents exclusive items inspired by natural beauty that reflect the coming of spring. These items are available in its 4 iconic connected buildings – LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S, and reinforces LANDMARK’s leading reputation as a cosmopolitan lifestyle destination for luxury brands, unique finds and elegant dining. Dress in Natural Beauty Spring is the blossoming

  2. LANDMARK: Be Inspired in Central Vision Tunnels: A sweeping 3-channel aerial exhibition transporting audiences on art expeditions through the history of creation Showcasing artworks valued over HK$100 million at LANDMARK this March

    Hong Kong, 4th March, 2016 – LANDMARK, delivers an inspiring exploration of human creativity across history this March. Enhancing Central as an important art destination, LANDMARK will launch Be Inspired in Central anchored by a commissioned public exhibition of museum quality artworks housed in Vision Tunnels. 14 masterpieces, on generous loan from leading galleries in Central, as well as an