4 Iconic Buildings

As a powerful, luxury retail brand LANDMARK provides a rich diversity of offerings and experiences across the four famed shopping destinations- LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S. These four buildings are all conveniently linked by gleaming glass-walled pedestrian bridges making one authentically glamorous international retail destination

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    Built on the old grounds of Hong Kong Hotel and located in the heart of Central, LANDMARK ATRIUM continues the rich heritage of the land, accompanying the growth and development of Hong Kong since its completion in 1980s. As the flagship of the 4 heritage rich inter-connected shopping destinations owned and managed by Hongkong Land, LANDMARK ATRIUM has long been

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    LANDMARK ALEXANDRA proudly stands in the centre of Hongkong Land’s 4 iconic buildings including LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S and bears testament to the building’s uniqueness and endearing reputation. The triangular land housing Alexandra Building started the retail business in 1904. In the 1950s, the building was redeveloped into Alexandra House, which was again revamped in 1975 into

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    Luxuriously rebuilt in 2002, LANDMARK CHATER is an exclusive shopping mall inter-connected with the other iconic buildings – LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA and LANDMARK PRINCE’S. With 4,000 square metres of retail space, LANDMARK CHATER provides the ultimate comfort and convenience for discerning shoppers, with its superb location, sensational architectural designs and spacious layouts. Renowned for housing the very first ARMANI

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    As a powerful, luxury retail brand LANDMARK provides a rich diversity of offerings and experiences across the 4 iconic buildings. Built in 1965 with a total retail area of 13,000 square metres, LANDMARK PRINCE’S is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for luxury lifestyle needs, from antique Chinese furniture to fashionable children’s wear, the latest books, gourmet foods, home furnishing and quality cookware