Latest Press Releases

  1. LANDMARK Celebrates Hong Kong Art Month with ‘Nature in Motion’ Exhibition featuring LANDMARK’s ‘Meadow’ and FENDI’s ‘The Shapes of Water’ – The ‘dual’ art installation feature in Hong Kong for the first time to celebrate the beauty of nature

    Hong Kong, 27th March, 2019 – LANDMARK celebrates Hong Kong Art Month with a special ‘dual’ art-installation, as a curation of two separate yet co-existing works are brought together in a stunning display of kinetics and flowing water, resembling the art, colour and movement of nature. LANDMARK ATRIUM’s iconic fountain provides the setting for ‘Nature in Motion’, a joint exhibition,

  2. LANDMARK Invites You to Partake in ‘A Year of Play’ Asia’s first retail marketing avatars explore self-expression, the power of the imagination, and celebrate lifestyle-choices through the power of play, in new LANDMARK brand campaign

    Hong Kong, 6th March, 2019 – LANDMARK invites you to explore your playful side in a new brand campaign that celebrates ‘A Year of Play’. LANDMARK envisages 2019 as a year to play with self-expression with daring takes on the latest trends; to experiment imaginatively with ways to enrich, connect and entertain us through technology; and to celebrate meaningful actions