Latest Press Releases

  1. Exclusive and Rare Juyondai Ranbiki-shu to be Launched at LANDMARK in April and May

      Hong Kong, 22 April 2024 – LANDMARK and Jebsen Wines & Spirits co-present the much-anticipated debut of Juyondai Ranbiki-shu from Japan’s most coveted sake brand, Juyondai (“十四代”) at two special events honouring the legendary Takagi Brewery. The tasting dinner and masterclass will take place at the two-Michelin-star and green-starred Amber will allow guests to savour an exquisite tasting experience

  2. LANDMARK Sake Walk: Unleashing a Second Wave of Sake Craze with Exquisite Pairing Menus

    The premier sake event features curated sake pairing menus at three premium dining establishments Ami, SOMM and The Aubrey in LANDMARK from April to May. Hong Kong, 10 April 2024 – Hong Kong’s premier celebration of Japan’s national beverage, Sake Walk, returns from a five-year hiatus to the LANDMARK in April. LANDMARK Sake Walk not only features visiting representatives of