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Exclusive and Rare Juyondai Ranbiki-shu to be Launched at LANDMARK in April and May



Hong Kong, 22 April 2024 – LANDMARK and Jebsen Wines & Spirits co-present the much-anticipated debut of Juyondai Ranbiki-shu from Japan’s most coveted sake brand, Juyondai (“十四代”) at two special events honouring the legendary Takagi Brewery.

The tasting dinner and masterclass will take place at the two-Michelin-star and green-starred Amber will allow guests to savour an exquisite tasting experience that celebrates the time-honoured label and sample some of their legendary creations guided by Sake Samurai, Mr. Micky Chan. It will also mark the Hong Kong launch of the prestigious and rare Juyondai Ranbiki-shu, of which there are only 1,000 bottles available worldwide.

Juyondai Ranbiki-shu, known as the “Cognac of Japanese Sake,” is a prestigious brew created by Tatsugoro Takagi, the 14th generation of the Takagi Brewery. Combining his passion for cognac, tequila, and the family’s rich sake-making heritage, Takagi produces this exceptional shochu from special A-Grade Yamada Nishiki shochu rice grown in Yokawa, Hyogo Prefecture, before repeatedly distilling it in a Charentais copper alembic still, or “Ranbiki”, heated over an open fire. The middle portion, or “heart” of the filtration is meticulously extracted and stored for long-term maturation. Ranbiki-shu is then further aged for over 10 years in white oak Sherry barrels.





Tasting Dinner: Celebrating Juyondai’s Hong Kong Debut with a Feast for the Senses


An unforgettable one-night culinary journey awaits at Amber on 24th April, when the exceptional portfolio of premium sakes and rice shochu from Juyondai will be paired with an exquisite 6-course menu by celebrated culinary director Richard Ekkebus.

This exquisite menu of contemporary French cuisine showcases the renowned portfolio of Juyondai, featuring three exceptional creations: Juyondai Red, Juyondai Black, and Juyondai Gold paired with the signature contemporary French culinary creations of Richard Ekkebus.

This extraordinary event also offers a limited opportunity to savour the smooth pour of Juyondai Ranbiki-shu at its Hong Kong debut, paired with dishes which enhance its balanced flavour profile of nutty, honeyed notes, hints of citrus peel, and a subtle spiciness.

This extraordinary dining experience promises to be a feast for the senses.



Masterclass: Discover the Award-Winning Secrets Behind Juyondai


Discover the rich aroma of Juyondai’s exquisite selection of sakes, as well as the highly coveted oak barrel aged rice shochu Juyondai Ranbiki-shu in a guided session led by Sake Samurai Mr. Micky Chan. This in-depth discovery into the rich aromas of sakes will enable guests to sample the distinct flavour notes that make this label an award-winning favourite for sake enthusiasts worldwide. The sakes will be complemented by canapés with French-inspired flavours prepared by culinary director, Richard Ekkebus.

Canapé highlights from Amber include: Foie Gras & Beetroot, ĀN Soy & Bell pepper, Nishimera Salmon Trout & Pertuis Green Asparagus, and Ebisu Oyster & Potato.



Reservations are available here.


Produced by Takagi Brewery in the Yamagata Prefecture, the pioneer for aromatic sake with a mellow and umami flavour, Juyondai is the result of over 400 years of traditional sake brewing techniques, honed and perfected since the Edo Period in 1615. Today, the legendary brewery is led by the 15th generation of the family, Tatsugoro Takagi, who continues to bring innovation to sake traditions, using top-brewing techniques to present new creations that favour Juyondai’s signature sweet, fruity, and clean aroma.


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Notably, Jebsen Wines and Spirits proudly serves as the exclusive importer and distributor of Takagi Brewery in Hong Kong. Maintaining a direct relationship with the brewery, JWS adheres diligently to Takagi Brewery’s storage and logistics guidelines, ensuring that customers can relish the authentic taste of Juyondai firsthand. Their commitment to maintaining a temperature-controlled environment of -5°C further guarantees Juyondai’s true essence.


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