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Tatler Asia Partners with LANDMARK to launch the Tatler GMT Magazine at LANDMARK’s Brand New Hospitality Destination, Forty-Five

 Tatler Asia Partners with LANDMARK to launch the Tatler GMT Magazine at LANDMARK’s Brand New Hospitality Destination, Forty-Five 

30th June, 2023, Hong Kong — Furthering LANDMARK’s reputation as Hong Kong’s luxury destination for watches and jewellery, in partnership with luxury media group Tatler Asia on 29th  June, the brand co-hosted the launch of the Tatler GMT magazine—a new publication that honours the rich heritage, contemporary innovations and future prospects of watchmaking.

This special collaboration between Tatler and LANDMARK is dedicated to watch enthusiasts and collectors in Asia, providing comprehensive knowledge, valuable resources and exclusive access to the captivating world of horology, supporting Hong Kong’s watch community in fostering its continued growth.

Developed in partnership with GMT, a Geneva-based publication, the new magazine explores the watch culture in Asia and Switzerland, transcending borders and elevating the standards of mechanical horology journalism.

In a celebration for Hong Kong’s watch enthusiasts, with a curated guest list of Tatler community members, Tatler GMT Watch Club, Asia’s Most Influential and Asia’s Most Stylish came together for a dinner and panel discussion and afterparty at Forty-Five. Forty-Five is LANDMARK’s newly opened hospitality destination and home to five experiential concepts, including the modern Shanghainese restaurant, The Merchants.

Dressed in their cocktail finest, Wristcheck’s Austen Chu, Brice Lechevalier, chief editor of GMT and Jackie Ho, founder of Watch Ho & Co, together with Tatler Asia’s Jacqueline Tsang, discussed how times have changed through the evolution of the luxury watch industry. The group touched on topics like the growth of haute horology, significant milestones achieved, market dynamics and the future outlook for collectors.

The intimate panel offered a time-lapse of the global industry to-date. Speakers Chu and Ho reflected on the shift from learning about watches through traditions passed down and text-based resources, to more visual, user generated content with the birth of social media. The conversation raised the topic of today’s generations having direct access to indie watchmakers, niche marketplaces or larger brands’ stories through Instagram, leaving the average watch collector more well-informed about techniques, craftsmanship and campaign details than ever before.

The panel attributed our “wrist awareness” to the Apple Watch, reigniting a passion for watches among younger consumers and collectors. From an editorial perspective, Lechevalier also expressed his observations of the changes in environment—declining retailers, the rise of certified pre-owned watches—and in design and technical content.

Tatler Asia’s editor-in-chief Jacqueline Tsang shared, “We at Tatler are incredibly excited to elevate our presence in the horological world to a whole new level, by bringing you Tatler GMT in partnership with Geneva-based publication GMT. As the epitome of luxury lifestyle, LANDMARK played such a significant role in making this event a success and Tatler is so appreciative of its commitment, and always thrilled to partner with them.”

Jennifer Lam, Director and Head of Marketing and Communications of Hongkong Land, shared, “LANDMARK houses some of the world’s top horology brands and plays a huge part in supporting the development of the city’s watch community and fostering its growth. With our LANDMARK Horology community, we aim to create a platform for Hong Kong’s exclusive watch collectors to both accumulate knowledge and share their expertise with like-minded enthusiasts.”

Following the dinner —guests ascended to the 45th floor lounge and sky terrace, Cardinal Point. With music curated by live DJ Daryll Griggs, more than 120 of Hong Kong’s well-known watch lovers and industry enthusiasts partied late into the night, with stunning 360-degree views of Hong Kong’s skyline and Victoria Harbour providing the perfect backdrop.

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