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LANDMARK unveils ‘Fluid Garden’ The first large-scale, two-phased art installation by Japanese artist YOSHIROTTEN in Hong Kong

LANDMARK unveils ‘Fluid Garden’ The first large-scale, two-phased art installation by Japanese artist YOSHIROTTEN in Hong Kong 

Brings A Summer Escape to the Heart of the City

HONG KONG, 8th August, 2023 – LANDMARK and BELOWGROUND present ‘Fluid Garden’, a large-scale art installation in two phases alongside a unique retail concept by Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist YOSHIROTTEN, curated by creative agency UNVEIL LIMITED. Showcasing his signature interplay between digital mirage and fantastical colours, YOSHIROTTEN made his first trip to Hong Kong for the opening of his debut solo show.

Starting with ‘Fluid Garden’, YOSHIROTTEN presents a new work featuring a water garden of light that transforms LANDMARK Atrium fountain – a symbolic spot within LANDMARK – into a spatial presentation that incorporates digital art, available for public viewing from 9th  August, 2023 through until 31st August, 2023. Envisioning an immersive experience, YOSHIROTTEN reimagines a space familiar to many. Inspired by the flow of water, a large digital puddle at the centre of the installation references a pool, and features interactive images that slowly change as viewers enter, whilst the palm tree embedded by the side features leaves that are artificial flowers.

LANDMARK continues its series of visionary exhibitions, committed to creating an open space in CENTRAL that connects our community with cultural happenings, making art accessible for everybody,” says Ms. Jennifer Lam, Director and Head of Marketing & Communications at Hongkong Land. “In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the city, the latest installation by YOSHIROTTEN will provide an inspirational space that will transport people to a place of contemplation, giving you somewhere to enjoy with your friends and family and live in the moment.

Tokyo-based artist YOSHIROTTEN is known for his works based around the motif of light, which aim to visualise the invisible, often through site-specific installations that combine two-dimensional, three-dimensional and video works.

“In today’s busy world, it is difficult to slow down and enjoy life with your beloved ones around you. Through ‘Fluid Garden’, we aim to create a place where you can feel the luxury of being here, a place to stop and feel the time,” explains the artist.  

With the flooring and surfaces presented in a metallic material, ‘Fluid Garden’ changes appearance throughout the day depending on sunlight and lighting, reflecting the importance of physically being in situ to experience it. Wooden blocks around the central puddle provide spaces for viewers to contemplate what they see – something typical seen from a different perspective and a whole new dimension.

Adding to the experience of summertime relaxation, a popsicle cart will pop-up near the installation on select days. Everyday between 11am throughout to 2pm between 9th August to 14th August (except 13th August), guests who follow @LANDMARKHK and like the installation posts on Instagram and RED will be given a limited-edition popsicle in the Fluid Garden schematic, on a first-come first served basis.

Further fun to interact with the installation by joining a thematic photo competition. Guests can simply take photos at the installation and share post on Instagram with hashtags #LANDMARKHK #LANDMARKART #BELOWGROUNDHK #InspiredinCentral #YOSHIROTTEN #FluidGarden. YOSHIROTTEN will be selecting top 3 posts and winners will be rewarded autographed Fluid Garden limited edition gift.

From New Moon To Full Moon 

As summer transitions into autumn, the next phase of the installation will commence at BELOWGROUND as ‘Moon Landing’ which runs from 1st September, 2023 through until 30th  September, 2023, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Following the new moon as it transitions into a full moon, the wooden seats from ‘Fluid Garden’ become the key that connects the two phases of the installation: they will be reassembled to create the ‘Moon Landing’ installation, interpretating the true essence of the festival of togetherness and reunion. It is a further trial of creative reuse in consciousness of current sustainable lifestyle.

Combining the installation with a distinctive retail concept, BELOWGROUND will also launch a pop-up store carrying the artist’s print and artworks, providing a dynamic space to celebrate the Moon Festival. Limited-edition pieces will also be presented as special gifts to customers purchasing over a certain amount at BELOWGROUND, shops in LANDMARK Atrium Basement during the exhibition period.


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Installation highlights

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The ‘Fluid Garden’ of light seamlessly blends digital art, reimagining a familiar space with tranquility at its core. As viewers enter, they are transported to a serene realm reminiscent of a puddle.

A place to stop, slow down, and feel the time. Palm tree leaves as artificial flowers shift with the lighting, immersing viewers to take a moment to pause.

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Surrounding the puddle, wooden blocks offer contemplative spaces for viewers to observe their surroundings from a fresh and unique perspective. These blocks invite a shift in perception, allowing viewers to explore the artwork from a whole new dimension.

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YOSHIROTTEN is a graphic artist and art director based in Tokyo. Born in 1983, he works across a wide spectrum of fields, including graphics, moving images, 3D works, installations and music. Besides his career as an artist in his own right, YOSHIROTTEN also serves as an art director and multidisciplinary designer for diverse clients, his works ranging from artwork for both nationally and internationally known musicians, to graphics for fashion brands, advertising visuals and commercial space design.

YOSHIROTTEN has held solo shows in London and Berlin, and in 2018 he mounted his largest exhibition to date, titled “FUTURE NATURE.” Held at TOLOT/heuristic SHINONOME in Tokyo, the exhibition included an enormous installation work using 1,300 square metres of space, 3D works, moving images and graphic works. In 2017, a collection of his artworks, “GASBOOK 33 YOSHIROTTEN,” was published by GASBOOK. In 2023, the artist’s Project Sun, which documented the sun over 365 days through various media formats, culminated with an exhibition at Japan National Stadium in Tokyo.

Recent projects have also included a pop-up at Dover Street Market Ginza, the installation and façade artwork for the JENNIE for Calvin Klein collection launch in Seoul and the Hermès Splash event in Tokyo.

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LANDMARK represents the epitome of top-tier luxury shopping and lifestyle experiences. Drawing from a rich heritage which began in 1904 – LANDMARK today is the luxury shopping destination of Hongkong Land’s Central portfolio including 4 iconic connected buildings, LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S. LANDMARK offers approximately 208 of the finest stores and restaurants, all seamlessly linked by pedestrian bridges. From high fashion and accessories to watches and jewellery, from luxury living to beauty and grooming, from international cuisine to authentic gourmet dining, LANDMARK brings the ultimate shopping experience to the discerning customer.

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Community, Brand, and Place are the core principles that define BELOWGROUND, a new retail and lifestyle concept conceived by Hongkong Land to enable brands to express themselves in an environment that will break down boundaries and tell new stories. BELOWGROUND is a hybrid cultural and retail destination that serves as a bridge to ‘connect’ luxury retail with contemporary culture. By bringing together forward-looking brands, retailers, and creative collaborators, BELOWGROUND aims to shape a future in which no boundaries exist between luxury, fashion, culture and art. With the intention of being a thriving cultural ecosystem, BELOWGROUND will continually have a curated roster of various retail concepts and experiences.

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Hongkong Land is a major listed property investment, management and development group.  The Group owns and manages more than 850,000 sq. m. of prime office and luxury retail assets in key Asian cities, principally Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Jakarta.  Its properties hold industry leading green building certifications and attract the world’s foremost companies and luxury brands.  The Group also has a number of high-quality residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects under development in cities across China and Southeast Asia, including a 43% interest in a 1.1 million sq. m. mixed-use project in West Bund, Shanghai.  Its subsidiary, MCL Land, is a well-established residential developer in Singapore.  Hongkong Land Holdings Limited is incorporated in Bermuda and has a primary listing in the standard segment of the London Stock Exchange, with secondary listings in Bermuda and Singapore.  The Group’s assets and investments are managed from Hong Kong by Hongkong Land Limited.  Hongkong Land is a member of the Jardine Matheson Group.


Established in 2019, UNVEIL LIMITED is a multi-discipline agency based in Hong Kong, providing creative service ranged from artist management, brand direction, exhibition curation, graphic / interior design, publication to large-scale art installation. Founded with the vision of cultivating the boundaries between art, design and culture, UNVEIL LIMITED has worked with world renowned to emerging artist, FUTURA2000, Zhao Zhao, Tyrrell Winston, Stickymonger, Zhang Ji, Kila Cheung to name a few.

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