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LANDMARK Continues ‘Tasting Mastery’ To Celebrate Women’s Power in the Kitchen With Spicy Temptations at Grand Majestic Sichuan



(Hong Kong – 21st February, 2024) LANDMARK’s highly successful Tasting Mastery Series, which combines the creative talents of food personalities and acclaimed chefs, announces its first 2024 culinary adventure from 28 Feb to 31 Mar, this time bringing together two independent and successful professional women: celebrated food critic Susan Jung and Executive Chef Theign Phan of Grand Majestic Sichuan LANDMARK.

The duo aims to enthuse diners by highlighting that besides the spicy and mouth-numbing mala flavour, for which Sichuan cuisine is best known, there is a surprisingly diverse range of unique and balanced aromatic sensations and flavours to discover. The result of the collaboration is a menu which is spellbinding in its flavour variety, from the starter right through the dessert.

Ms Jennifer Lam, Hong Kong Land’s Director & Head of Marketing and Communications, says, “We are delighted to kick off our Tasting Mastery Series this year with such a powerful female duo whose formidable, combined talents are sure to present a memorable and one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.”

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The menu begins with the cold appetiser XIANG LA ER CAI (HKD 158). Delicate Chinese brassica, sliced with finesse, is infused with a blend of green peppercorn, sesame oil, chilli oil, and sweet aromatic soy, weaving a spell of flavours that lingers on the palate. Er cai, or Chinese brassica, is a vegetable Chef Theign Phan recently discovered in Shenzhen, and is normally used to make zha cai, a type of preserved vegetable in Sichuan cuisine. Instead, she incorporates the spiciness and numbness profile to create a refreshing Sichuan “salad” as a complement to the main course of crispy Sichuan Fried Chicken. This will be the debut of the er cai dish at Grand Majestic Sichuan.

With the SICHUAN ZHA JI (HKD 428), Chef Theign Phan crafts a taste sensation with locally sourced three yellow chicken, a recipe from Susan’s Cookbook, expertly finished with a specially crafted Sichuan spice mix that incorporates spicy, salt, sweet and numbing flavours.

Next, XIANG LA CHAO BAN QIU (HKD 388) reigns supreme with a symphony of flavours in the wok-fried grouper fillets, deftly balancing dried chillies, garlic, ginger, leeks and Chinese celery.

The finale unfolds with Chef Theign’s masterpiece: SICHUAN GUI HUA BING FEN (HKD 128) in the form of Osmanthus ice jelly crowned with candied cumquats, a sensory delight to savour.

The inspiration for this collaboration, according to Susan, is her admiration for Theign Phan, who has elevated Sichuan cuisine to new heights while maintaining its essential spirit and flavours under the mentorship of Fuchsia Dunlop, the British cookbook author famous for her knowledge of Sichuan cuisine, who is also a consultant to Grand Majestic Sichuan.




“Sichuan cuisine is known for its numbing and spicy flavours, but it’s not only that – there are dishes that can be subtle, too,” says Susan.  “But even with the traditional mala flavours, there needs to be balance – you can’t just have only spicy tastes without adding other ingredients that balance the spiciness. That’s where the skill of the chef is so important – if all you’re tasting is the heat of chillies, then the chef isn’t doing their job right. Chef Theign is really good at balancing the flavours.”



  • Collaboration Date: From 28 Feb to 31 Mar, 2024
  • Menu Price: Set menu – HKD 988 per person. A la Carte is available:
    • XIANG LA ER CAI (HKD 158)
    • SICHUAN ZHA JI (HKD 428)
  • Venue: GRAND MAJESTIC SICHUAN LANDMARK, Alexandra House, Shop 301, 3rd Floor, 18 Chater Rd, Central
  • To reserve: (reservations will be available from 28 Feb)

Prices subject to 10% service charge.

LANDMARK is home to 15+1 Michelin Stars, 8 Black Pearl Diamonds, and 36 Forbes Travel Guide Stars. The ‘Tasting Mastery’ series was launched in July 2023 and has garnered keen interest from gourmands.



LANDMARK represents the epitome of top-tier luxury shopping and lifestyle experiences. Drawing from a rich heritage which began in 1904 – LANDMARK today is the luxury shopping destination of Hongkong Land’s Central portfolio including 4 iconic connected buildings, LANDMARK ATRIUM, LANDMARK ALEXANDRA, LANDMARK CHATER and LANDMARK PRINCE’S. LANDMARK offers approximately 208 of the finest stores and restaurants, all seamlessly linked by pedestrian bridges. From high fashion and accessories to watches and jewellery, from luxury living to beauty and grooming, from international cuisine to authentic gourmet dining, LANDMARK brings the ultimate shopping experience to the discerning customer.



Set in the prestigious Alexandra House, Grand Majestic Sichuan is a glamorous escape, where polished waiters perform punctilious tableside moves, the clink of Champagne glasses chimes through the air, and a jubilant energy courses through the dining room, temporarily suspended in fantasy under the glow of sparkling crystal chandeliers. The theatre of the space sets the scene for a fascinating journey into the flame-fired depths of Sichuan cookery, one of the most comprehensive and nuanced of all the regional Chinese cooking traditions.



Known for her impressive two-decades-long career as Food and Drinks Editor at SCMP, Jung currently continues her expert commentary on Hong Kong’s ever-evolving food culture and culinary landscape as a food columnist at VOGUE Hong Kong, while maintaining an esteemed position as Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Academy Chair for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. She is an accomplished pastry chef and has previously produced two cookbooks and has been featured in countless publications, including The Guardian and Bon Appetit, and moderation panels. Jung currently celebrates the launch of her third and latest publication, Kung Pao & Beyond: Fried Chicken Recipes from East & Southeast Asia.



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