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An Exclusive Meet & Greet with Takashi Murakami

Hong Kong’s annual art moment is currently in full swing this week with long lineup of incredible art exhibits, events and parties sprinkled around the city. Takashi Murakami, a globally renowned contemporary artist from Japan, is in town for Art Basel this year. Fully supported by HSBC with LANDMARK as the venue partner, the artist will make a special appearance for today for a meet-and-greet (by invitation-only) at Centricity, LANDMARK Hong Kong to share his thoughts on his latest exhibition Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto.
Committed to connecting the public with local and international art communities, HSBC launched the #OpenToArt initiative in 2022. Through the programme, HSBC is expanding its influence on the cultural scene of the city, aligning with its brand promise “Opening up a world of opportunity” as well as deepening its commitment to an evolving cultural landscape. As a luxury destination where art and culture meet, LANDMARK has hosted some of the city’s most anticipated events. LANDMARK champions all forms of art and creativity, collaborating with makers, creators and enthusiasts around the world.
On the occasion of Art Basel week, Takashi Murakami, in conversation with Adeline Ooi, discussed in depth his latest exhibition ‘Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto’ being held at Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art as it celebrates its 90th anniversary. This is his first large-scale solo exhibition in Japan in about eight years and his first outside of Tokyo. In recent media interviews, Murakami dropped hints that this could potentially be his last major exhibition in Japan. The exhibition features more than 100 works, some newly created and some never-been-seen in Japan. Among them, the giant golden sculpture “Flower Parent and Child” takes the spotlight, as a symbol of hope and recovery when it was revealed in Tokyo in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The piece, a culmination of Takashi Murakami’s sculptural practice of the Superflat concept, stands in the Japanese garden of the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art together with a specially crafted Louis Vuitton trunk. Appearring to float in the pond of the Japanese garden, “Flower Parent and Child” is an enormous 13-meter-tall sculptural creation, which reveals different facets of itself when seen from the front, the rear, and each side.